America Does Not Need Football, America Needs A COVID-19 Containment  

Get a containment plan first.  

America does not need college football at the moment. America needs the COVID-19 containment plan. The politicians who have failed to rein in the COVID-19 community spread, the politicians who think they know better than the medical profession, the scientists, the researchers are demanding college football be played. Some educators know better than elected officials and know that the risks are greater than the rewards although in the world of the college sports industry money trumps reason in so many instances. The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down college sports since the middle of March. The NCAA’s men’s basketball tournament was not the only causality of the pandemic. The so-called non-revenue producing sports played by both men and women also were canceled. COVID-19 has beaten the NCAA and not playing football this fall probably makes a lot of sense to the medical, scientific and research community but not politicians. That’s a problem because in many instances politicians have been totally wrong with their policies in containing the virus that has not magically disappeared.

The America needs college football crowd is asking athletes to risk getting the COVID-19 illness. The America needs college football backers like to point out that young people don’t get COVID-19 and if young people do get the virus it is no big deal. They will recover quickly. That, of course, is not necessarily the case in the athlete subset. Major League Baseball’s Boston Red Sox pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez had COVID-19 and is now battling a COVID-19 related issue. Heart inflammation. That is a known side effect of COVID-19 but the politicians who are pushing the America needs football narrative seem to omit certain facts when they show off their knowledge of COVID-19. If there is no Thursday night college football, no Friday night high school football or no Saturday college football life will go on.  America needs COVID-19 containment not college football.

(AP Photo/John Raoux)