Bet On DFS Football And Play Online: Week 8 NFL Fantasy Sleepers

One of the biggest techniques that helps many DFS football bettors to win big time is to back on the big sleepers. Some of them may come out chalky, but many sleepers can smash the whole fantasy football games, bringing excellent payouts to bettors. Although the risk of picking sleepers for your next lineup is high, rest assured that these guys can deliver good results.

Now that the current NFL season is on it’s Week 8 Playoffs, the fantasy football game is becoming more intense. Remember that it is the only betting game that allows punters to create their desired football team every week and earn huge prizes. Your fantasy football roster should change every week, and make sure to take advantage of the sleepers.

New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton jogs off the field after an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks, Sunday, Sept. 20, 2020, in Seattle. The Seahawks won 35-30. (AP Photo/John Froschauer)

NFL DFS Sleepers For Quarterbacks

Quarterbacks carry the heaviest load in both real and fantasy football games. They are the go-to person of every talent in the field. Aside from that, they must lead all the scoring departments to end up winning. Below are the present QB sleepers in the NFL Week 8.

Baker Mayfield

With an estimated fantasy price of $6,000, Mayfield tossed five TDs (touchdowns) against the Bengals in Week 7. They won the match with a final score of 37-34 in favor of the Browns.

Cam Newton

Newton is a sleeping quarterback in the fantasy games after getting benched and generated no touchdown in the last two games. As the Pats face the Bills in their next match-up, Newton is a good pick in the upcoming fantasy week as he comes with a better payout value.

Jimmy Garoppolo

The 49ers ended a big blowout in the Week 7 Playoffs after they dispatched the Pats to a 33-6 game run. Garoppolo crashed and dazzled well during the said game and will indeed have a good time as they face the Seahawks in the next few days.

Your chances of finding more solid talents to include in your present DFS football group isn’t far from possible. Below is the breakdown of the NFL DFS Week 8 biggest sleepers per position you can use as you wager at FanDuel Daily Fantasy Football

NFL DFS Sleepers For Wide Receivers

Another important pick you must make in NFL DFS is the wide receivers. These talents are part of the offensive department, which will work directly with the QBs to hit a goal. Here are this week’s biggest WR sleepers to make use of.

Henry Ruggs

The Raiders lost to the Bucs in Week 7, but Ruggs has been explosive as a rookie RB for the team.

Marquez Valdes-Scantling

The Packers turned down the Texans in their last match, and Marquez Valdes-Scantling is one of the RBs that impacted the team.

NFL DFS Sleepers For Running Backs

Running backs understand the possibility of making or breaking the team’s victory. These talents need to ensure that the football stays on their hands as they pass it on to the QBs and WRs. Below are the Week 8 fantasy sleepers for RBs every bettor can risk.

Myles Gaskin

Big names in the RB like Cook, Mixon, and Jones have been the top picks since NFL DFS took place. But this week. Gaskin stands out among the RBs as one of the sleepers that can generate a better payout value in the Week 8 fantasy football games.

Jamycal Hasty

Hasty is priced at $5,000 in the current NFL DFS games. He’s one of this week’s biggest sleepers to utilize, which can contribute well to your roster.

Le’ Veon Bell

The Chiefs are seen to have the best players in today’s NFL season as they defend their title. Fortunately, Le’ Veon Bell is one of the talented RBs both in real and fantasy games.

Le'Veon Bell

NFL DFS Sleepers For Tight Ends

Tight ends have a hybrid role because they serve as the blocker at the same time as catchers. They complete a team’s offensive lineup as well as a significant position needed to fulfill your fantasy football dreams. Here are this week’s TEs big sleepers.

Jonnu Smith

Kittle and Waller generated significant values in the fantasy football games last week, but they might not be a good pick this week. That said Jonnu Smith may be a suitable replacement as a sleeping tight end that you can utilize.

Drew Sample

Another sleeper who can offer a good payout this week is Drew Sample. He’s working for the Bengals, who will face the Titans in the Week 8 Playoffs.

Harrison Bryant

Scoring two touchdowns in the last two matches, Bryant is a good demand for the TEs in the DFS games this week.


The NFL DFS community keeps you updated with the latest players that come out as sleepers or may take bye weeks. In the Week 8 Playoffs and fantasy games, the talents enumerated above are the biggest sleepers you can pick to make your lineup more solid.

Although you are not forced to scramble your current roster, taking advantage of these sleepers can help you earn big fantasy points, which can boost your bankroll.