FloSports: The home of the passionate sports fan


Well if you are a fan of college gymnastics, wrestling or track and field then you already most likely know about FloSports one of the fastest growing OTT sports streaming services on the market.

But let me tell you right here and right now FloSports is far more than those three sports. As a matter of fact, David Weiss the EVP of Multimedia Sales of FloSports, my guest on this edition of Stream On wants everyone to know that the company’s portfolio is already extensive and is growing every day.

Here is a little sample of what FloSports has to over their viewers. MLS, NCAA, Big Ten, Big 12, Euro League, FIVB, PBA (Professional Bowlers Association), USA Rugby, USA Wrestling, PBR, NBA, Giro d’Italia, Nike, AAU, WCHA and UWW. That my friends is a channel worthy of any sports fans strong consideration.

Weiss and I talk about the company that as was started by two former college athletes who came together to create one of the most entertaining offerings in the streaming video world.

What sets FloSports apart from other sports networks is their ability to go beyond the event and make everything around the big live broadcast in many ways as important as the live telecast. They have taken the old ABC Wide World of Sports, “up close and personal,” concept and amped it up in a way that would make my old boss Roone Arledge proud.

Listen to “At FloSports it’s all about the storytelling and they do it better than anyone else” on Spreaker.

FloSports understands what makes compelling sports television is getting to know the people who are competing along with their backstories. Once you learn about the person, or a sport you tend to become more connected with those sports making you more likely to want to see it.

They also understand the passion of the followers of some sports that are not always showcased in the national spotlight like their core sports that the network began with like college wrestling, gymnastics, track, and field. That passion drove FloSports to add everything from college hockey to world-class cycling to working with Major League Soccer and their deal with D.C. United.

So, that gives you an idea of just a small sample of my conversation with Weiss. Now sit back and hear the whole story about a streaming sports offering that I am guessing you will be adding very, very soon.