Did Duke University Give Zion Williamson Perks To Attend School? A Judge Wants To Know

You got to talk.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association may be getting some news soon that it certainly does not want. Did Zion Williamson get gifts from Duke University that influenced his decision to attend the school? Williamson’s attorneys fought to keep their client from having to testify during the discovery phase of a case involving Gina Ford and Prime Sports Marketing. They are suing Williamson for $100 million for breaking their marketing agreement. Williamson left Ford and Prime Sports Marketing and signed a deal with Creative Artists Agency. Florida 11th Circuit Court Judge David Miller ruled that Williamson had to testify. Williamson’s attorneys plan to appeal Miller’s ruling. That is not good news for Duke, its basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski or the NCAA. Fans and the sporting media view Krzyzewski as someone above the college recruiting fray. The college basketball business has faced an FBI probe that alleges industry employees and others are providing benefits to high school players to attend certain colleges. Some assistant coaches along with shoe company employees have been found guilty of giving players money to attend schools.

The NCAA continues to view “student-athletes” as amateurs and continues to try and figure out ways to make sure no money ends up in the pockets of star recruits and their families. The NCAA refuses to pay the student-athletes figuring that an almost full college scholarship and a chance at an education is more than enough compensation for their services. The NCAA makes hundreds of millions of dollars a year off of the collective backs of football and basketball players and is attempting to keep the not paying players business model. Williamson played one season at Duke University and moved onto the National Basketball Association. Ford and Prime Sports Marketing’s lawyers may want Mike Krzyzewski under oath to tell his side of the story.

Duke guard Tre Jones (3) embraces coach Mike Krzyzewski AP/PHOTO