NCAA Grappling With Student-Athlete Transfer Rules

NCAA trying to help student-athletes? Really?



Have you seen that the National Collegiate Athletic Association is considering allowing athletes to transfer from one school to another without having to sit out a calendar year?  Of course the NCAA is not going to just let a student-athlete move from one school to another without strings attached. There is some thought that the student-athlete needs to have a specific Grade Point Average and has to demonstrate that he or she is working diligently to get a degree. The NCAA does limit the transfer rule to Division 1 football, baseball and basketball players. Everyone else who plays in the lesser sports is free to go to another school if the opportunity arises. Just why the NCAA established the sit out a year rule is unclear. It could be that NCAA coaches are so unscrupulous and underhanded that they would just take someone else’s asset, a player, in some cloak and dagger maneuver.

It is interesting however that coaches can routinely break contracts and move from school to school without having to sit out a year.  If a coach recruits a number of players and gets them to a school to play for him or her, the players generally have to stick around if that coach decides that he or she can find greener pastures elsewhere. Big time football or basketball college schools have always raiding other school’s coaches. It is an accepted practice and the schools use reporters to gauge the interest of a potential coaching target. The NCAA brass, which is led by Dr. Marc Emmert who represents the school presidents, chancellors and trustees who make college sports policy, seems to have no problems with coaches moving yet there is a major problem with the players looking elsewhere. The NCAA suppresses players’ rights. The governing board of college sports seems to forget. Without the players there is no game and no money coming in.


Dr. Marc Emmert is part of the committee looking at loosing the transfer rules.