Settling Into Consensus With The Florida Rankings

Our pollsters mostly agree on this week’s ranking

Every week in our Florida ranking, the most startling thing is how different the polling can be.  Minor discussions often start between a couple of our voters over where they place UCF in particular, or whether Miami should be punished more for losing to LSU than other schools should be for not being in the ACC or SEC.

This week is a bit different.  While there were still some differences from poll to poll, for the most part we at Sports Talk Florida are arriving at a consensus for who fits where in the ranking.  There is still a lot of question about the validity of UCF’s season to this point, and USF’s schedule has not made them look like the world-beaters their record implies, but until somebody else loses the rankings may be increasingly settled.

This week’s voting

1:  Florida Gators – The Gators have set a milestone in this first year of Sports Talk Florida’s college football ranking:  Florida is our first unanimous number one.  The Gators are on a bye week, but it makes sense that Florida would solidify their spot.  With The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party coming up Saturday in Jacksonville, Florida can prove themselves more than just contenders for a state crown.

2:  Central Florida Knights – UCF remains undefeated, and they remain convincing in their easy victory on Saturday.  They can’t send their schedule back and demand a better one, but that schedule will continue to hurt the perception of their historic unbeaten streak whether it’s this team’s direct fault or not.

3:  South Florida Bulls – USF has not lost this year.  They could be on the verge of a historic year for what is still a relatively young football program.  Seeking revenge against Houston would go a long way toward making November’s War On I-4 one for the ages.

4:  Miami Hurricanes – “Miami turns back to quarterback Malik Rosier after the bye week as coach Mark Richt focuses on the now instead of the future.  Miami’s trip to Boston College Friday night is not a gimme like it has been in past years.”  -Jaquan Cathey

5:  Florida State Seminoles – For all the doom and gloom, the ‘Noles could still get to a 10-3 record if they somehow managed to win out.  Still, after a bye week, they’re looking at a disappointing start with a loss to Miami.  It’s all about Florida.  If the Seminoles could upset the Gators, there will be a silver lining to their season.  If they cannot, they might as well be winless.

6:  Florida International Panthers – “Don’t look now but Butch Davis has FIU in the hunt for the C-USA East.”  -Jim Williams

7:  Florida Atlantic Owls – Just two months ago, speculation had all manner of Power 5 schools firing their coaches after the season and trying to hire Lane Kiffin.  That seems like it was much longer than two months ago now as they struggle in 2018.  The Lane Train has a lot of ground still to cover.

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