Scott Frost could be gone from UCF after this great season

Rumors have Frost going to Nebraska or maybe Tennessee among other schools

The University of Central Florida is seeing great success under second-year head coach Scott Frost. He has the Knights undefeated at 6-0 ranked nationally at 17th in the Coaches Poll and 18th in the AP Poll. It looks very likely that the winner of the UCF – USF “War on I-4,” will have the inside track for the AAC Championship and a trip a New Year’s Six Bowl game.

Also, good news for USF head coach Charlie Strong, there are rumors that Frost could be gone from UCF as soon as this year, which founded or not could help the Bulls in their recruiting war with the Knights.

All indications are that Frost will be the target of his alma mater the University of Nebraska where he was a star quarterback and led the Cornhuskers to the 1997 BCS National Championship. The 42-year-old Frost is likely to be high on a number of top programs coaching lists like Tennessee, UCLA, Texas A&M to name just a few.

A little over a week ago UCF announced that the school would try to raise $1.5 million from donors for its “Football Excellence Fund,” according to Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel. Bianchi says that most of the money raised would likely go to pay Frost and his staff of assistants

“I’m very excited about the success we’ve had in our time here and I’m committed to helping this program continue growing,” Frost said in a statement, according to the Orlando Sentinel. “I’m happy to be part of the UCF Football Excellence Fund. We need more resources to keep taking this program where we want it to go. I’m hopeful my support will be a catalyst for others to jump on board and take part.”

Prior to the start of this season Frost signed a one-year extension that increased his yearly salary from $1.7 million to $2 million and increased his assistant coaching salary pool by $50,000 dollars. Frost’s buyout clause is one half of the guaranteed salary for the remaining term of the agreement or just the bargain amount of $3 million dollars. The Frost to Nebraska where by the way they have not fired the present coach Mike Riley, is picking up steam.

Riley makes only $2.5 million a year which as Big Ten salaries go is not much. Nebraska could make Frost a much better deal and have plenty more to handle paying off his UCF buyout.

“Scott and his natural connection to Nebraska has started a lot of that,” CBS Sports Network analyst Randy Cross the Washington Post, “but this team has just really matured and started playing better and better. As that’s happened, all of a sudden it’s not just Nebraska, but Oregon State has to look at him . . . a lot of places have to look at him.”

Nebraska has been a non-factor since joining the Big Ten and this year they are 3-4 with two embarrassing loses. They lost to Northern Illinois 21-17 at home and then they got blown out by Ohio State 56-14 this past week.

This is a Nebraska program used to winning or at the very least competing for national championships. They have five titles to their credit with the Cornhuskers winning back-to-back crowns in 1970 and 1971, before winning titles in 1994, 1995 and 1997.

That is a 30 drought in national championships and “Husker Nation,” likes the idea of bringing Frost back to Nebraska in hopes of returning their team to being a national power again.

But Frost can be selective, yes he could take the Nebraska job if it is offered and by most reports it will be. But there will be other perhaps even better offers that he will be present with as I stated before or maybe he stays in Orlando another year and he could be a fit perhaps at Florida or other schools looking for a quality young head coach.

My point is this, Frost is likely at the most to have one more year at UCF before moving on. Strong and USF could benefit from telling recruits deciding between the Bulls and the Knights that Frost is heading off if not this year then next. That uncertainty would benefit USF.