Bucs Head Coach Bruce Arians is upbeat as the teams gets ready for Miami.

Tampa Bay Bucs new head coach Bruce Arians is very pleased with his team as they get ready to scrimmage with the Maimi Dolphins before the two teams face each other this week in both teams second preseason game. Here courtesy of the Bucs Public Relations office is yesterday’s press conference highlights.

Opening statement)

“I thought the practice – we got the defense set in a really good tempo early in that practice. Offensively, not so much early, but then they picked it up really good in the second half. So overall, [it was] a really good day.”

(On CB Vernon Hargreaves III’s performance)

“Yeah, he got his hands on another ball. He’s got great hands so when he touches it, you expect an interception.”

(On whether the first drive of Friday night’s game against Pittsburgh was scripted or if Offensive Coordinator Byron Leftwich called each play)

“They were all scripted. He goes on and off the script.”

(On if the first defensive play for the Buccaneers was a busted coverage)

“Yeah, the safety was supposed to be over the top.”

(On the level of competitiveness in training camp)

“I think it’s been fantastic. Guys are coming out there, they’ve worked every day in each drill. We’re practicing smart – we had one dumb play today where we went low with no pads on, but other than that it’s been really, really good.”

(On how hard it will be to get the roster down to 53 players)

“It always is. It is a good thing. We’re short some spots and we’re deep in others, so maybe we can flip some with other teams and get what we need.”

(On S Mike Edwards’ health status)

“Mike’s got a pulled hamstring. I don’t know how long [his recovery will be] – hopefully six or seven days.”

(On the upcoming joint practices with the Miami Dolphins)

“It’s a great thing. We get two full practices against somebody else, getting all of the situations covered against somebody else. And, we don’t have to play our guys as much in the game because we’ll get so much good work together.”

(On what he likes about S Kentrell Brice)

“His toughness, because he was hurt. Some guys took the day off. He practiced, so that’s an A in my book.”

(On if there was only one busted assignment from the offensive line in the first drive of Friday’s game)

“Yeah, it was not a bust – we just got beat – but Jameis [Winston] made a great play getting out of there [and] getting a first down. It was a well-executed drive.”

(On how long it will take new players to get acclimated to the playbook)

“They better be pretty smart because they just missed 400 reps that the other guys had, but they’re here for a reason and we’ll get them ready to play.”

(On the passing of Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receivers Coach Darryl Drake)

“The world lost a great person. Not just a great coach, but a great person, great father, husband, grandfather. He’s a father figure to a lot of players. He’s had some great players, but he was their dad. Just having spent all that time pre-game seeing him, and to think that he’s gone, is just really hard to fathom. Prayers and condolences out to his family.”

(On how the player’s handled the mental aspect of Friday’s game)

“Not very well for the young guys. For the starters and most of our second team, it was pretty solid. Our young receivers had a really bad night. We had 37 mental errors on offense, they had probably 21 of them, so they better pick their stuff up for this next game.”

(On what he’s seen from C Nate Trewyn)

“He’s tough, he’s smart, he’s growing as a player, so yeah, he’s got an opportunity to make the best of it right now.”

(On if Trewyn will be looked at as a potential second-string center)

“Yeah, he’ll get a real good look.”

(On who may be the starting defensive lineman in place of DL Vita Vea)

“Well, Beau [Allen] missed the game, but Beau would be the next guy up. All those young guys – it’s just an opportunity for each and every one of them to play until Vita gets back.”

(On the reason DL Beau Allen missed Friday’s game against the Steelers)

“He had an oblique strain.”

(On who is emerging to become backups on the defensive line)

“[Jeremiah] Ledbetter had a real good game. The rest of the guys are still fighting it out and we’ll just see how it goes.”

(On if there were any other defensive linemen who stood out)

“’Nacho’ (Rakeem Nunez-Roches) had a really good game. We played him a little bit more than I wanted him to because we had to.”

(On if DL Stevie Tu’ikolovatu needed to relearn the defensive schemes)

“He was here all spring, so he pretty much knew everything.”

(On if he liked the offensive tempo on Friday night)

“Yeah, when you have 95 snaps on offense in a preseason game, that’s hard to believe, but our guys got up, they got rolling – we were in a two-minute situation so that kind of sped that clock up a little bit. We were in half [of the third quarter] and the whole fourth quarter.”

(On what he’s seen from S Lukas Denis)

“He’s, again, a very intelligent player [who] learned two positions. [He] needs to get run fits a little bit better. He’s been a back-end safety. Now playing strong safety, he’s got to fill the box a little bit harder.”

(On if the team could keep three quarterbacks on the 53-man roster)

“Definitely – Griff (Ryan Griffin) has shown that if he continues to play like that, that it’s going to be a hard decision.”

(On what he wants to see from the first-team offense after the opening drive on Friday night)

“Consistency. Same thing – we’ll see something different in Miami. [We] get to practice against them all week. [I] don’t know how much they’ll play because of all that practice time against them. We’ll just see how that goes.”

(On how to help the running backs improve at blocking linebackers)

“It’s tough. We just keep doing it in practice – not one-on-one – but in practice, we blitz enough so that they’re getting better and better.”