Why buying used golf clubs is the best way to go.

No matter how good, or bad a golfer you may be buying used clubs are a wise investment.

Used golf clubs are the best.

I have been a fan of golf for 55 of the 62 years that I have been on this earth. Growing up in Florida there has always been plenty of great golf course to play both public and private that are world class.

Parks and recreations departments throughout the state offer free classes on how to play the sport. My two brothers and I learned at the program offered at the time by Lutz parks department over the summer of 1969.

We played at the University of South Florida golf course, at the time place where you either hit the ball straight or you spent time in the woods or the water.  It was a wonderful place to learn the sport and once the summer ended we were hooked.

In the fall of 1969, the three of us bought our first set of used golf clubs from some people in our neighborhood. 50 years later and despite being able to afford a new set of clubs, to be honest, we still buy used.

We as a family were among the first to join the Saddlebrook Golf Course. Over those 50 years, we have been able to play some of the best courses in the United States and around the world.

St. Andrews Golf Links in Scotland.

We played courses from St. Andrews the birthplace of the game to Pebble Beach where the U.S. Open was played last week. All along the way used clubs were in our golf bags.  

Why not own new when you can afford new?

Because used clubs give you more options. I can buy three different types of woods, four of five irons and three putters all to fit the course I am playing at the time.

New clubs are expensive while shopping for used give you much more flexibility at a reasonable price. I can have two bags of clubs for the price of one and to me that is wise shopping.

Look there are plenty of ways to find the best-used clubs and play good golf check out a super website golfavenue.com. I have found that they have an easy to use website with plenty of clubs to choose from plus you can sell your old clubs.

Meanwhile, they have a complete variety of golf supplies from clothing to rangefinders. You can also join the Golf Avenue Country Club and get some great savings on all things on the site.

So, I highly recommend you check out the site and find out what many of us already know. Good golf can be played with used golf clubs. Try it and you will see.