Will the NFL’s sponsorship deal with Caesars help teams like the Dolphins?

The NFL is an exciting and fast-moving sport which is what makes it so popular with the public in Florida. One big change that you may have noticed recently is the stance it is taking around gambling. As recent Supreme Court rulings have allowed states to legalize online gambling and sports betting if they wish, it has become possible for fans to take advantage of NFL playoffs betting online. These changing attitudes in government and society have also seen the NFL rethink its attitudes towards the gambling and sports betting sectors.

One big deal that caught public attention was the $30 million per year sponsorship agreement the league signed with Caesars Entertainment in early 2019. Although this deal does not include sports betting or access to any data, it is an important first step by the NFL. It sees them working with Caesars as their first-ever casino partner. Under the agreement, Caesars are allowed to use NFL branding in its range of casinos in the US and UK.

What does this mean for teams like the Dolphins?

Of course, football is massive in Florida and teams like the Miami Dolphins are huge. It could leave fans wondering just what this link up with Caesars Entertainment could mean for teams like them.

Perhaps the first thing to consider is the positive impact it brings in terms of revenue to the whole league. In basic terms, the NFL works by taking the total revenue it earns each year (which was just over $8 billion in 2018!) from national channels like licensing and divides it between all teams in the league. Naturally, any national deal like the Caesars one puts more money into the pot to be handed out to teams like the Dolphins. This is great news for the side as it provides more money to sign players or to improve facilities at the Hard Rock Stadium.

More fans attracted to NFL

Another positive from this deal for all NFL teams is the new fans it could bring into the sport. By partnering with a major casino and entertainment brand like Caesars, they are massively expanding their reach to new audiences who may not have come across football before.

That effect will be magnified by the NFL branding in Caesars’ casinos which could help attract new fans into the sport. It may not only be the branding either – if Caesars choose to show football games in their casinos on TV, for example, that could be enough to draw people into the sport who may not have engaged with it otherwise. Over time, this could see new fans created for teams like the Dolphins who will spend money coming to games on buying merchandise.

Paving the way for more deals

The link-up with a major casino brand is a big first step for the NFL. If it goes well it could pave the way for many more deals of this ilk. That would not only bring even more sponsorship revenue into the league to benefit teams like the Dolphins but also further expand the NFL’s brand with the public.

The other exciting thing to consider is whether this first deal will lead to more agreements around actual sports betting. Although not included in the Caesars partnership, if things go well then it could fill those in charge of the NFL with enough confidence to agree to deals for sports betting sponsorship.

Reports are that any move in this direction could net the league over $2 billion in revenue which will only benefit teams like Dolphins and others. At the moment, TV is still what the NFL relies heavily on in terms of sponsorship money – any chance to diversify this income stream is not to be sniffed at.

Help Miami to thrive even more

More fans coming into the game through this Caesars deal is not just good purely for the Dolphins in a footballing sense. It will also mean more traveling fans come to see their team play at the Hard Rock. This, in turn, will mean more local shops, cafes, bars and hotels do well in Miami. Not only is this great for the whole city but it will help the Dolphins standing in the league and give them a way to help the city thrive.

Is it the first of many?

As noted above, this is the first time in history that the NFL has agreed a sponsorship deal with a casino brand. Not only is this exciting but many believe it could be a real turning point for American football in terms of how it generates income moving forward. For Florida residents who follow the Dolphins, it could mean more money given to the side to work with and succeed.