Meet The Phantom MLB Team, The Nashville Stars 

A team on paper.

Major League Baseball is not expanding nor is it moving any teams although there is a proposal to transfer Tampa Bay Rays home summer games to Montreal at some point in an effort to pour more money into that franchise. Major League Baseball is still waiting for Oakland officials to say yes or no to the Oakland A’s ownership plan for a new waterfront stadium. There is also a collective bargaining agreement that needs to be negotiated between the players and the owners. But there are those who want to get an expansion team, even though there is nothing suggesting an expansion is coming. In Nashville, a phantom Major League Baseball team has a name. The Nashville Stars. The name is paying homage to a local Negro League team that was called the Nashville Stars. Music City Baseball, which is the name of the group attempting to land an expansion franchise even though there are no plans to add any teams at the moment, has a deal to partner with the Negro Leagues Museum.

Music City Baseball has yet to meet with Major League Baseball officials. Music City Baseball needs to also get a state-of-the-art Major League Baseball stadium and apparently is third on line for public sports money in Nashville. There has been money allotted for a Major League Soccer stadium in Nashville but there are legal challenges that has slowed the stadium building process. The owners of the National Footballs League’s Tennessee Titans want money to fix up the local football stadium that is now 20 years old. The Nashville Stars franchise has some noted baseball names including Tony LaRussa and Dave Stewart involved with group. But Major League Baseball has other problems to solve before there is another round of expansion. Montreal, Charlotte, Portland, Oregon, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Mexico City or Monterrey, Mexico are cities of interest.

MLB boss Manfred is going with a pitch clock in Spring Training AP-PHOTO