Minor League Baseball Teams Seem Set For 2019

They are in it for the money too.



The operators of minor league baseball teams seem to have everything in order and should be ready to start marketing their product, minor league baseball for the 2019 season. Attendance was down in 2018, partially due to fewer games but overall revenues were up. Minor League Baseball has figured out the proper use of marketing tools in selling merchandise and people who attend games are willing to spend money for concessions whether that is stadium eateries or buying drinks. So much so that gross revenues increase on average 5.5 percent annually. That point has not been lost in Syracuse where Onondaga County deputy executive Bill Fisher noted the Syracuse minor field baseball stadium which opened on April 3, 1997, is “a perfectly good baseball stadium right now, but the fan amenities and the experience fans have right now is not up to other teams in the International League.”

The Syracuse problem is simple. The stadium needs improvements which would include adding a bar, having a children’s area and more concession stands. There would also be a reduction of seats from 11,000 to 7,000. Syracuse’s minor league team has by purchased by Fred Wilpon’s New York Mets and Wilpon is willing to keep the Mets’ Triple A affiliate in town through 2043 as long as there are municipal dollars, whether it is from the Syracuse area or New York State, put into the park. If that doesn’t happen, Wilpon can take his business elsewhere after the 2025 season.  It is estimated that the price of the Syracuse ballpark renovations will be around $25 million. Minor League Baseball will have some changes in 2019. San Antonio will replace Colorado Springs on the Triple A level.  Amarillo takes San Antonio’s place in Double A Baseball. Colorado Springs will replace Helena in short season Class A Baseball. It is all about money in baseball’s minor leagues.


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Fred Wilpon and Mr. Met will be in Syracuse for the 2019 season.