MLB Is Succumbing To The COVID-19 Pandemic

Games are being postponed because of the virus.

Can the Major League Baseball make it through the each team plays a 60-game schedule? The answer is no as players are becoming infected with COVID-19. MLB owners are just trying to cash checks from ESPN, FOX, Turner Sports, cable TV operators that partially own the MLB Network and regional sports cable TV networks along with other media platforms. The season’s integrity is gone with a COVID-19 cluster impacting the Miami Marlins. The Marlins situation should be studied by the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention in the same manner as the CDC investigated cruise ships’ COVID-19 infections. MLB apparently has concluded that the infected Marlins players and coaches came down with COVID-19 because of risky behavior hanging out at a hotel bar in Atlanta and going out. Atlanta, Georgia and the state of Georgia are a COVID-19 hotspots and if MLB wanted to make a real statement, it would not playing any games in Atlanta where the governor Brian Kemp is far more interested in his political ideology than listening to scientists and more interested in mollifying his political allies by suing the Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms trying to stop her from shutting down places out of safety concerns . Miami players apparently violated agreed to health and safety protocols in Atlanta where the governor of the state opened up too soon.

St. Louis Cardinals personnel also caught the virus. This weekend’s Cardinals-Milwaukee Brewers series has been impacted with games either postponed or canceled. Marlins games are set to resume next week. Two players the Marlins Isan Diaz and Brewers Lorenzo Cain decided playing during a pandemic is not worth the endeavor. Major League Soccer and the National Women’s Soccer League have seen teams drop out of play because of the virus.