Diamondbacks Can Break Phoenix Baseball Stadium Lease Soon

Chasing money.


The Arizona Diamondbacks Major League Baseball franchise is on the endangered species list. The names of teams looking for a new stadium that includes Oakland and Tampa Bay. The saga of the Diamondbacks ownership and Maricopa County officials fighting over the Diamondbacks took a new turn last week when the two sides reached a tentative agreement that allows the baseball team to exit the stadium after the 2022 season. The deal is on the fast track with a public hearing on the proposal scheduled for May 7 and the Maricopa governing body voting on the deal a week later. It is hard to imagine that Diamondbacks ownership abandoning the market considering the team’s TV deal. The Phoenix area is a better TV market than say Las Vegas, Portland or Charlotte. All those cities along with Montreal would have to build stadiums to please Major League Baseball.

There are options in and around the metropolitan Phoenix area. But there is also a precautionary tale as well. The National Hockey League’s Arizona franchise is still in Glendale despite ownership’s attempts to bring the team back to the Phoenix city area. The NHL team has struck out in putting together a deal with Arizona State University for a new building in Tempe. The NBA’s Phoenix Suns ownership is looking for money for either a new place or a renovation of the present arena it calls home.  A private developer is suing Phoenix because he wants records pertaining to any negotiations between the NBA and NHL teams and the city about building a new arena. Phoenix officials in the past have denied releasing information to the Arizona Republic newspaper about negotiations with the NBA team claiming they cannot release information due to a non-disclosure agreement with the Suns ownership. Diamondbacks officials will now be chasing public money for a building.



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