Oakland To Alameda County, Don’t Sell Your Half Of Our Property To The A’s Owners

Please don’t sell.

Dear Alameda County, California. This is the city of Oakland speaking. Please don’t sell your half of the Oakland Coliseum and Arena property to the owners of Major League Baseball’s Oakland A’s. Think long and hard about our relationship that goes back more than 55 years. Think about what you are selling and how the A’s owners might change our area. Sincerely yours, your partners in Oakland. The Oakland A’s ownership is trying to buy half of the property where the Oakland Coliseum and Arena sit from Alameda County. In April, the A’s owners and Alameda County entered into a non-binding agreement to sell the county’s share of the property to the A’s owners. The A’s owners would develop that property and may build a new stadium there or a ballpark on the Oakland waterfront. The waterfront property is the ownership’s stadium preference. The Oakland Coliseum parcel seems to be a fallback option. There are a myriad of questions that need answers from funding to environmental impact, to traffic patterns and how to get people to the park.

The A’s ownership wants a modern stadium with all of the money revenue gadgets that teams, such as the San Francisco Giants ownership have on the other side of the San Francisco Bay. Various A’s owners have spent the past four decades looking for a new ballpark. Charlie Finley sold the team to Denver interests about four decades ago but the deal fell through. Another group of A’s owners looked at San Jose for a solution but that is San Francisco Giants territory even though Oakland is closer to San Francisco than San Jose. A court upheld the Giants territorial rights because of the 1922 Supreme Court Of the United States decision that gave baseball an antitrust exemption. A stadium proposal in Fremont fell through. It is Oakland or bust for A’s owners.