Two New England Towns Want The Red Sox Minor League Triple A Team

The Red Sox ownership may have two cities bidding for its Triple A minor league team.



How much is a Boston Red Sox Triple A minor league baseball franchise really worth to Rhode Island, particularly Pawtucket and to Worcester, Massachusetts? Red Sox ownership is about to find out and that ownership probably is not very upset that there are two bidders for the business. Worcester has two consultants advising the mayor and city leaders telling them how to get the team. Here’s some free advice. Offer a stadium with the Red Sox ownership getting 92 percent of the revenues generated inside the stadium and from the parking lot and the team is yours. Worcester has no real stadium financing plan. Red Sox ownership seems to be getting impatient with Rhode Island politicians who have not yet jumped high enough when the Red Sox owners have told them we need $38 million in public money to help fund a new Pawtucket stadium which would look like a miniature Fenway Park. Some Rhode Island lawmakers are balking at the subsidy number.

Red Sox ownership has still a long-term contract to use the city owned stadium. The Pawtucket Red Sox play in a 75-year-old facility which was renovated less than 20 years ago. The stadium is not good enough for Red Sox ownership or Major League Baseball standards thanks to the 1990 Major League-Minor League agreement that mandated all minor-league parks be brought up to whatever the Major League standards are. Boston ownership claims the facility will be used year-round and will have a hotel complete with a retail and residential space. But minor league baseball doesn’t produce much economic impact and only offers per diem jobs. A new stadium will mean higher prices for customers who can afford luxury boxes and club seats with valet parking which make money for owners. Red Sox ownership has no interest in the average fan, they want customers.


Red Sox ownership wants a mini-Fenway Park for its Triple A team.