Ground Under Repair With Chris Riley, Golf Pro

Ground Under Repair With Professional Chris Riley

On the very first episode of Ground Under Repair, I sit down with South Shore Country Club’s head golf professional Chris Riley of Hingham, Massachusetts.  South Shore CC is one of the nearest courses to my home, so I felt it important to have our first episode involve somebody close to home.

Chris tells us what inspired him to become a golf pro, how rewarding it can be to work with kids when teaching lessons, and some of the funnier stories to giving out lessons over the years.  Of course no names are given, but we’ve all been on flubbing shots off driving range mats at some point in our golfing lives.  It could have just as easily been any of us that causes the Chris Rileys of the world to laugh.

Chris and I also discuss a number of figures who made golf accessible to a wider range of people, tearing down that old image of golf as the game of the social elite.  With the Arnold Palmer Invitational fresh in the rear view, it seems an appropriate discussion this week.

We then talk a little bit about winter golf.  Up here, not everybody is comfortable with the concept of a golf offseason, and some fight hard against it.  Who shows up to play in the winter, and how do they get off the course without breaking a club on the cold ground?  Someone who sees it firsthand gives us a little insight.

This is a podcast for the lifelong golfer, interested in hearing others’ experience with the game.  This is Ground Under Repair.

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