Five Ways Conor McGregor Beats Floyd Mayweather

This Is How The MMA Fighter Will Outbox The Boxer

  1. Be the Fighter that Got You to this Point 

Ever since Conor McGregor entered the UFC, it was clear that there was something special about him.  Call it what you want.  Confidence.  Cockiness.  Whatever you call it, it made him the great fighter he is today.  Both McGregor and Floyd Mayweather are confident in their abilities.  Styles make fights and this one should be a good one.

McGregor is an aggressive fighter who likes to use his angles to trap his opponents and land his shots.  Don’t change your style.  Do what got you to the dance.

Photo: Adam Hunger/USA TODAY Sports

2.  Be a Fighter, Not a Boxer

No matter how much McGregor has trained in boxing, he is a mixed-martial-artist at heart.  He need to show Mayweather something he hasn’t seen before. Different footwork, different combos.  Make it a sloppy fight, not a crisp point-fight like many of the Mayweather fights seem to be.  That’ll play right into the retired champ’s game.

Mayweather has seen everything from all the boxers his fought.  Being a MMA fighter, McGregor needs to just be a fighter, not a boxer.

Photo: AP Photo/Frank Franklin II.

3.  Conserve Energy

Mayweather has cardio for days.  He has gone twelve-three-minute rounds countless times, so one more time shouldn’t be a problem.  McGregor has gone five-five-minute rounds one time and looked exhausted afterwards.  One of the reasons McGregor lost to Nate Diaz in their first fight was because he was throwing too many power shots early and got tired midway through the second round.

He cannot do that with Mayweather.  He needs to pick his shots and not throw bombs too early in the fight and blow his arms out.

4.  Don’t Reveal All Your Tricks Too Early

Most think that in order for McGregor to win, he needs to get a KO early.  That is true, but in case Mayweather is able to avoid the early onslaught from McGregor, he can’t reveal all his combos too early.

McGregor needs to remember that this is a 36 minute fight.  Throw your combos and make it your fight before Mayweather makes it his.

5.  Establish Dominance Early

McGregor needs to show that he is not afraid of Mayweather.  Meet him in the middle of the ring and be the first to score.  Show Mayweather that you believe this is your ring, not his.

The only real shot McGregor has is finish Mayweather early and in order to do that, he needs to land some good shots in the first couple rounds.  Make Mayweather feel 40 and that he underestimated you.

Photo: Adam Hunger/USA TODAY Sports


If McGregor does all of this, he has a good shot of scoring the one of the biggest upsets in sports history.  And this will, once and for all, keep people from doubting him.

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