New Auburn Jumbotron, Installation Improved

Jordan Hare Stadium

Jordan Hare Stadium will look a little different this year.

The Auburn Board of Trustees approved Friday renovations for a giant new jumbotron to be installed. The jumbotron will be 190-by-57 feet and will exceed the size of the jumbotron in Texas A&M’s Kyle Field.

“It’s a great return on that investment because it’s going to impact the students, it’s going to impact the student-athletes, and it’s going to impact the grass-root fan and the guy who wants a suite. We’re excited about that,” Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs said in a statement.

Though the screen itself will cost ‘only’ $3.5 million, the total cost for the entire thing — including the new scoreboard, installation, new audio system and “additional electronic ribbons fronting the upper decks” — comes to $13.9 million.

Why can’t they take that $13.9 million and pay their players about $132,000 each? This assuming they have a NCAA Division I cap of 105 players on their roster. I mean this thing is only going to last ten years or so.