Seahawks Fan Has Prosthetic Eye With Logo

Seahawks Eyeball

Every time you think you’ve found the world’s greatest and craziest football fans, a crazier and nuttier fan appears. The latest crazy, diehard fan is a Seahawks fan (no surprise there) who has a prosthetic eye with the teams logo on it.

The owner of this lovely eye candy is Bill Vandenbush, and his wife gave the eye to him for their 10-year wedding anniversary in June. How’s that for “I love you?”

“I had mentioned it to my wife,” Vandenbush told “She wasn’t a big Seahawks fan. I said it’d be cool to have Seahawks logo right there in my eye.”

Vandenbush wound up with a prosthetic eye after he served in Vietnam and was “blown up and shot five times.” He now has to have his eye fitted every six years.

But don’t worry. He has another, normal eye that he wears. He plans to wear the Seahawks eye during the Super Bowl and on special occasions. He says he’ll have the eye in during games or any football gathering with Seahawks fans present.