The 49ers Fans Know How To Tailgate

Did you know the 49ers fans have been partying tailgate style in their own stadium for about 23 years? Of course if you’re a 49ers fan you’d know but for someone like me, a Bucs fan, you’d have no idea. That is until John Breech of CBS Sports took a trip to the new Levi’s Stadium and talked with renowned chef Michael Mina of Bourbon Steak Restaurant, which is a 3,500 square foot restaurant inside Levi’s Stadium.

“For 23 years (at Candlestick), we’ve thrown these tailgate parties that have just grown and grown,” Mina told “Other chefs come and we cook and there’s usually 200-300 people at them. So I pitched them the idea, ‘Why don’t you let me move my tailgate party here.'”

Not only do they have some of the best food the NFL has to offer, but has Mina pointed out, for 23 years they’ve been having these tailgate parties…in their own stadium.

From CBS Sports:

The tailgate involves all-you-can-eat anything and all-you-can-drink everything (alcohol included). The $5,000 price covers the entire season, so it gets you into 10 tailgate parties inside of the restaurant.

And apparently you can get a $42 an ounce Kagoshima rib cap. That sounds amazing. Someone get me the directions to Levi’s Stadium.