UALR Athletic Director Resigns After Embarrassing Comments

UALR AD Chris PetersonArkansas-Little Rock athletic director Chris Peterson has resigned after he was caught commenting on an athlete’s mother’s breast. He was unaware that the mic was and his comments were broadcast live.

The Arkansas Times filed a public records request upon learning about Peterson’s resignation and they got ahold of a copy from the Aug. 22 Chicago State-UALR game.

Peterson was heard in the press box talking to another commentator about a woman’s chest. His comments were something to the effect of “Much curvier … yeah … she had her s— hanging out, too. You remember that? I got to make sure I don’t … I gotta make sure we know when Parents Day is. I want to make sure I’m in town for the weekend…She had two of them and they were out there for display…”

If you wish to hear the audio, you can here. But be warned the language is NSFW.

Peterson will be officially resigned effective Sept. 15 but until then he’s on leave.