Howard, James, Wade Named All-Star Starters

Dwight Howard is one popular guy. Not only among those who want to trade for him, but among fans.

The Magic center finished as the leading overall vote-getter in NBA All-Star returns, pulling in a league-best 1,600,390 votes, and will start for the East in the Feb. 26 All-Star Game in Orlando.

While Howard, who has asked be traded, could be dealt before the March 15 trade deadline, it’s highly unlikely he would be shipped out before the Magic hosts Orlando’s second All-Star Game.

Joining Howard on the East will be Miami teammates LeBron James, first in the voting at forward with 1,360,680 votes, and Dwyane Wade, second among guards with 1,334,223 votes. It will mark the eighth straight All-Star appearance for both James and Wade while it’s Howard’s sixth consecutive appearance.

Source: Fox Sports