NBA Is Not Going To Kansas City In The Near Future

The NBA is not expanding in the very near future.


When did Kansas City become a viable option for National Basketball Association owners as a possible expansion location? An unnamed league executive told NBA scout and college basketball TV commentator, Jarrett Sutton, that Kansas City will get an NBA team. It is just a matter of time. Kansas City does have a modern arena but even with a 2007 model building, the city could not get either an NBA or a National Hockey League franchise. Kansas City has a major league sports problem. The market is both financially and TV limited. The corporate money goes to the NFL’s Chiefs, to Major League Baseball’s Royals, to some college sports including a late season college basketball conference tournament, to Major League Soccer’s Sporting KC and to the Kansas Speedway that features NASCAR racing.  It is a metropolitan area with about two million people and is the 33rd largest TV market in the United States. Kansas City is bigger than NBA cities such as Salt Lake City, Milwaukee, New Orleans and Memphis. It would be a small market NBA franchise that would need revenue sharing.

The NBA through the Commissioner Adam Silver has never really indicted that the league will get bigger anytime soon. Silver has been intrigued with Mexico City and there could be an arena ready to take an NBA franchise in Seattle in 2020. Louisville leaders are trying to assemble a group to get an NBA expansion team. There was some noise that Montreal was interested in an NBA team. Expansion is not a sure thing and at the moment there is some thought that the NBA will not entertain expansion until the present collective bargaining agreement with the players is done. Expansion would come in 2024 at the earliest under ideal circumstances. There does not appear to be any franchises available for relocation.  Kansas City did have an NBA team once, the franchise moved to Sacramento in 1985.


The NBA is thought to be interested in going back to Seattle.