Dear Congress, Please Help Us With Sports Betting, Sincerely, The NFL

Gambling is here already



The National Football League plans to lobby Congress to come up with some sort of framework to perhaps regulate sports betting although it is not exactly clear what Congress can do to give the NFL want it wants. In fact, it appears the NFL doesn’t know what it wants except to protect the integrity of the NFL. Integrity and the NFL seem not to co-exist anymore. The NFL was against legalizing sports betting in the United States or more appropriately expanding sports books beyond Nevada. Yet the NFL decided Las Vegas, the capital of US sports and all other sorts of gambling, was good enough for the league. Of course Nevada throwing in $750 million to help build Mark Davis and his Raiders franchise a stadium didn’t exactly hurt Las Vegas and Nevada’s standing with NFL owners. Nor is the league too concerned with the London, England market, a place the NFL craves that also has sports books around the town.

The NFL is all about making money and at some point will figure out how to benefit financially from sports gambling across the country. But the NFL should be the last sports organization to use the word integrity. There remains a problem with former players getting the proper care for head injuries suffered while they were employed by NFL teams. The NFL is watching one owner, Jerry Richardson, attempt to sell his Carolina Panthers franchise after allegations of Richardson’s workplace misconduct were reported. Another owner, the Indianapolis Colts Jim Irsay has had substance abuse problems. Players continue to get arrested and there is a long list of crimes from homicide to domestic abuse to drunken driving that have occurred. The league has moved two franchises recently and another one, the Davis Raiders, will relocate in two years. Sports gambling will join all other forms of gambling across the United States and the NFL can’t do anything about it.

NFL has more problems than gambling.