A New NFL Stadium In The District Or Virginia, More Details To Come In 2020

Pays to prepare.

When your lease ends in September, 2027 at your abode, you really don’t worry about what you are going to do in eight years’ time. But when you run a sports franchise looking for a new residence for at a minimum of 20 years, eight years is not all that long a time period. The general manager of Washington’s National Football League franchise Bruce Allen recently said on radio station WMAL’s Larry O’Connor Show that the team figures to have a stadium announcement within a year which could mean that Daniel Snyder’s franchise could identify a parcel of land where Snyder thinks the team would be successful. It takes two to three years to build a stadium which means shovels will have to go into the ground by 2024 if Snyder wants to get out of his present home at the end of the team’s lease with the state of Maryland.

Snyder has not been very successful in finding a piece of land for his business. Last winter, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan ended negotiations with Snyder that would have seen a football stadium built across the river from the District. Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia don’t necessarily want to get into a bidding war for Snyder’s business. How the stadium would be funded is a question that needs to be answered. Snyder might be eyeing the RFK stadium site near Capitol Hill. The stadium will eventually be demolished as no major sports events take place in the 58-year-old facility. Events D. C. controls the facility but the Washington City Council has blocked Events D. C. from pursuing Snyder for two years as the council has limited the group’s money flow. The Virginia area that might most interest Snyder is near Dulles Airport, not far from the team’s training facility, which would be located near the Metro Silver Line. Let the bidding for the Washington franchise begin.