Maryland And Washington, DC Want Daniel Snyder’s NFL Team

The movers and shakers want to build Snyder a home office.



Daniel Snyder’s Virginia-based National Football League business which operates from a storefront in Landover, Maryland but calls itself Washington is not on the field during the NFL playoffs. But that does not mean Snyder’s business is closed for the season. Snyder is apparently looking to move the store from its present home and may have two suitors. Washington, DC and Maryland. The Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has proposed swapping state land in western Maryland in exchange for federal land across from Washington, DC and then build an NFL style stadium on that land near Washington, DC. The deal would hand over 2,481 acres of the South Mountain State Battlefield to the federal government in exchange for 512 acres in Oxen Cove Park. The proposed swap would need Congressional approval. Snyder is also interested in hearing what District of Columbia city council members can do for his business by building a stadium somewhere in Washington. The District has been in the stadium building business helping out Major League Baseball’s Washington Nationals, Major League Soccer’s DC United and a practice facility for the National Basketball Association’s Washington Wizards which doubles as the home of the Women’s National Basketball Association’s Washington Mystics.

It should be noted that the dance between Snyder and the Maryland Governor Hogan or Snyder and the Washington DC City Council is still very early in the game. Snyder has a stadium lease in Maryland that ends in 2026. One of the big problems facing the Maryland plan is infrastructure and getting people in and out of the stadium area. The Oxen Cove location sits on the Potomac River and offers views of Washington but there is no public transit to the site, the local community could lose a public park and there is a cost factor. The District has no transit issues. The stadium game has just started.