A Decision Is Expected Today On The Bucs Opener Set For Sunday In Miami

Photo: Miami Dolphins

Hurricane Irma will be a factor in the Bucs vs. Dolphins season opener.

The National Football League is expected to make a decision sometime today on if the Tampa Bay Bucs opener at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami against the Dolphins, set for 1 p.m. Sunday is a go. All eyes are at the moment not on football but on the tracking of the very powerful category four hurricane Irma.

Irma is the key factor on where and when the Bucs and the Dolphins will face off in the season opener for both teams.

There is no doubt that in some manner it will be a factor in the weekend weather in South Florida. So, if the game would be played either Thursday night or Friday or even played at a neutral site, likely Jacksonville. But for now, it seems that all options presently being examined by the league.

The NFL is monitoring the storm that is making its way toward Florida and could be in the Sunshine State as soon as Saturday or Sunday.

“We will monitor the situation throughout the week and remain in close communication with both clubs and local officials,” said Michael Signora, vice president of football communications for the NFL.

Irma is a very powerful category four hurricane that is at present is headed in the direction of northern part of the Caribbean. Most hurricane models have the storm headed to Florida, timing depends on many things including what happens when it and where it first makes land in the Caribbean.

Meanwhile, players on both teams are very aware that their plans could change very quickly. That includes practice which could be altered if the league wants the game to be played either Thursday or Friday, in order to give Miami plenty of time to get ready for the storm.

The teams share the same bye week in November but would prefer to avoid moving the game to that weekend, because it would mean both teams would play 16 weeks in a row.