Adelson Could Scuttle Raiders Las Vegas Move

Billionaire Adelson could cost Vegas the Raiders


Adelson is a fear named in political circles. Sheldon Adelson is a king maker among America Republicans and writes checks for candidates he likes. While Adelson might not know a football from a basketball, he is the driving force behind Nevada’s bid to get Oakland Raiders frontman Mark Davis and his Raiders partners to move the National Football League franchise to Las Vegas. Adelson has the money and the political power to make the move happen.

The Oakland Raiders franchise has had problems finding a permanent home. The franchise came into existence after the American Football League’s Minnesota franchise bolted the league and joined the NFL in 1959. Oakland was added to the AFL but did not have a stadium in the city and played games in San Francisco in 1960 and 1961. The team moved to a temporary stadium in 1962 in Oakland and a new stadium opened in 1966. Al Davis attempted to move his Raiders from Oakland to Los Angeles in 1981 after Los Angeles Rams owner Carroll Rosenbloom vacated the Coliseum and moved to Anaheim. The NFL blocked the move, Davis sued and won the right to move to Los Angeles for the 1982 season.

In 1995, Davis moved back to Oakland after the NFL made demands that Davis’s proposed Inglewood stadium include a second team. Davis balked and took his team to the Bay Area. That 1995 move is still being felt to this day. The debt on the stadium is still being paid off and until the debt is resolved no new Oakland plan is forthcoming. Davis, who can move the team after the end of the 2016 football season, began the stadium game playing cities against one anther. He struck out in Carson, California, had some interest in San Antonio but struck paydirt in Las Vegas where he partnered with Adelson in an attempt to get Nevada subsidies for a football only stadium.


Raiders fate in Adleson hands