Hamilton County Can’t Pay The Cincinnati Bengals Game Day Expenses

The financial woes continue.



Hamilton County, Ohio cannot pay the National Football League’s Cincinnati Bengals ownership $2.67 million for the 10 2018 home game day costs. County officials have punted and will try to make the payment in 2019 and the Bengals ownership is fine with that. County officials are breathing a sigh of relief because they have a year to come up with 2018 money and figure out where to find 2019 cash for what they are legally required to provide. Money for Cincinnati Bengals game day expenses. The county agreed to invest $1.46 million for stadium improvements in 2018 including putting in new security cameras, along with renovating escalators and fixing up the locker rooms.

But Hamilton County’s budget is stretched and finding new money is a problem because the Bengals stadium is just one of the items on a must fund list. Cincinnati Bengals football takes up just 10 days a year.  Hamilton County has a large 2019 budget deficit, around $28 million, and may impose a sales tax hike to keep the county jail going and have money for sheriff patrols and avoid staff cuts. Cincinnati and Hamilton County have had major problems paying off the debt on the Bengals’ football facility and the Reds baseball stadium. The county has sold off a hospital at 50 cents on a dollar, laid off workers and increased taxes for the two sports facilities in past years. Yet, the baseball and football stadium financial problems have not yet deterred Cincinnati officials from pledging some financial support for a new soccer stadium in the city should Major League Soccer award an expansion team to the city. According to WCPO news Cincinnati’s two stadiums have cost residents around a billion dollars in various tax fees since voters approved the construction of the two stadiums in 1996. Bengals ownership has a lease with the city and county to play in the stadium until 2026.



Paul Brown Stadium expenses are too great for Hamilton County.