The NFL And Video Options Next On The Agenda

Time to get more TV money.

The National Football League’s three day fan love in, otherwise known as the draft, is almost done but the business of the NFL goes on. Television and video content will take center stage once the final name is called at the podium in Nashville. It seems that the National Football League and AT&T are not getting along all that well because of money. AT&T has decided that it will no longer carry the NFL Network and Red Zone channels on its U-verse TV and DirecTV over-the-top or OTT platforms. AT&T claimed it is too high of a cost to keep the channels. Meanwhile the AT&T’s DIRECTV and the NFL’s Sunday Ticket deal could end following the 2019 season. It seems that the league wants more than just a limited deal which it has now with AT&T that gives football fans little choice in getting games. You take the DIRECTV package or leave it. The DIRECTV deal gives the league about $1.5 billion annually. The NFL is not able to offer the package to cable TV operators.  There are some Sunday Ticket streaming deals. The DIRECTV deal allows subscribers to get out of market Sunday games in the 1 and 4 PM Eastern Time zone window.

The NFL knows the old way of just network television coverage is fading away. The league has some deals for non-exclusive streaming with Verizon and a Thursday night package with Amazon. The best way to reach younger fans is through a phone or a computer and that is what Commissioner Roger Goodell, the 31 owners and the Green Bay Packers Board of Directors want to do. Make the NFL’s video product more available. What is the next step for the league and AT&T? More negotiations. Eventually both the NFL and AT&T will do what is best for their respective sides. For the NFL it is more streaming options.