Israel Idonije Talks Diversity In Comic Books

The Power Hour Interview: NFL Free Agent Idonije

Israel Idonije has played in the NFL for the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions, to name a few. But, we were curious about his love for comic books and the creation of his own series, “The Protectors.”

On our new sports and pop culture mash-up show, The Power Hour, Idonije talked to hosts Matt Sardo and Amanda Borges about his comic and how he gets his creative juices flowing.

Overall rundown of The Protectors

“In 2007 in training camp I wanted to tell that story. The abilities on the field, on the core, on the length, all the things that make athletes so great. The Protectors goes into the story of the background and opens us into this world that lets us know that all those gifts are really a bi-product of the power that they were given to save humanity from the decentors who now subjugate and rule humanity and rule our present earth today through politics, religion and media. Galic, one of the main characters realizes that these athletes are the original Protectors and have that gift. And he now has to bring together the world’s most elite athletes to form this team called the Protectors and save humanity from the decentors.”

What inspired you to get into comics?

“I think there’s a big comic culture across the country and North America and Canada. For me my introduction was my father had a program called “speed love” where people would donate things to the shelter and he would take and he would give to people and families in the community that need it. One particular day, a box of comics was dropped off and it was filled with Green Hornet comics and I picked up the box of comics. My parents made us all read an hour a day and my sister was reading these novels and huge books and for me my hour of reading was reading comic books and Iron Man and X-Men and Spiderman. That’s kind of what drew me into comics. I wasn’t a big reader but when you talk about literacy and comics today we really push that platform because even if you’re not a great reader, the images and pictures draw you in and then you want to know what’s happening so you read more and it was a great opportunity to read and comics was really that line that hooked me to read.”

What do you think abut the diversity in comic books?

“I think they’re doing the best they can but the topic of diversity is something that you can always do better. There’s been some incredible pushes to bring diversity into comics. Static Shock. I’m a huge Black Panther fan so that whole universe of Wukonda and everything that was done there I mean there are some major pushes in the comic industry and the creators that have been champions of that. So I think it’s just a matter of continuing to carry the torch and as far as diversification it is a very diverse culture. You walk into any Comic-Con…literally there are people from all walks of life, economic background, colors, whatever you want to call it. And one resonating factor is that we all love comics and it’s really some of the nicest, loving people you will ever meet in your life. I think the big houses, the small houses, everybody…the shops, everyone is on the right path and everybody just has to continue what we’re doing and keep moving forward and enjoying the comics and bring on new people into comics. The sports fans that have never picked up a comic before we hope the Protectors and all the things that we’re doing with NFL Players INC and merging the two worlds that we’re able to bring sports heads that aren’t really into the comic book world to say ‘You know I’m gonna pick up a comic book, I’m gonna follow this series’ or ‘I’m gonna get my kids into this.'”

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