Murdoch, NFL Have No Moral Core

Murdoch’s FOX Sports Hires Michael Vick.


If you are looking for moral values from Rupert Murdoch, don’t bother he has none. Murdoch has spent his entire career pandering for audiences to spend money on his product. His FOX News Channel goes after a certain viewer while his FOX over-the-air syndication unit airs The Simpsons. So it is all about money not morality. On the FOX News Channel you might hear so-called journalists applaud the National Football League owners’ apparent blackballing of Colin Kaepernick and not offering him a job because he did not respect the National Anthem by staging a protest as he did not stand at attention while the song was played and the flag was displayed. In case you haven’t noticed the NFL wraps itself around the American flag, especially when the Pentagon and the National Guard were willing to pay the owners to have their wares displayed. That practice ended in 2015.


Murdoch through his FOX Sports unit has hired Michael Vick as an analyst. Vick might be talented enough to communicate with an audience.  An audience that will spend money to buy into the NFL and Murdoch’s Fox Sports cable TV network and products sold during the shows. If you are looking at the NFL and applauding the league’s stance on morality and patriotism concerning Kapernick, understand this. The NFL owners only care about making money. The NFL could have easily banned Michael Vick after he was sentenced to jail as part of a dog fighting ring. Vick was rehabilitated and was able to continue his career. He did not play in the NFL in 2007 and 2008. Vick would play between 2009 and 2015 for three teams. He even got a coaching internship with his former coach Andy Reid in Kansas City this year. If you are looking for moral turpitude, you are not going to find it in the NFL or with Murdoch.

Michael Vick has been rehabilitated.