Virginia Really Wants Daniel Snyder’s NFL Washington Team

Politicians and sports stadiums.



Because it is never too early to plan the next stadium for a professional sports franchise, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has suggested that Daniel Snyder should consider his state as a landing site for his Washington National Football League franchise and Northam has picked out a place for the facility. Somewhere off of Interstate 66 near Dulles Airport. Snyder already does business with Virginia as the team’s training facility is in Ashburn which is not very far from Dulles and Snyder’s team holds a portion of training camp in Richmond. Snyder’s lease at his present facility east of Washington, D. C. in Maryland is done in 2027.

Snyder has one of the most valuable franchises in sports and may have three suitors should he decide to play the stadium game and pit Virginia versus Maryland and Washington or Washington versus Virginia and Maryland or Maryland versus Virginia and Washington. That would be an ideal situation for Snyder and give him the maximum leverage. Virginia has a plot of land.  But the Washington city council has told Snyder that he would have to change the team’s name before the governing body would consider building a football stadium for him. Snyder has ruled that out.  There is also another complication in the District. There is not much land available for a football stadium in Washington. One of the problems that Snyder is facing in selecting a new stadium site is having the available infrastructure to get people to the site. The Metro is expanding its service and will eventually have a stop near Dulles Airport. The Beltway is strangled with traffic on a daily basis and without road upgrades that could be a problem if the team is located about 30 miles from Washington. Maryland has not really identified a spot for a stadium. Snyder is in the driver’s seat.



Snyder could have a choice of land for a stadium.