Winston’s Inconsistencies “Very” Concerning For Bucs

Jameis Winston is coming off on the worst statistical performances in his career. And unfortunately, while the numbers from the Denver game are an outlier, his struggles controlling the football have been a constant.

Winston has thrown eight interceptions through four games, one more than through this same stretch in his rookie season, and it’s now at the point where even Dirk Koetter can’t hide the fact that it is “very” concerning.

“He’s not regressing, but we’ve got to take care of the football,” said Koetter. “We just can’t do that…it definitely needs to be discussed…I thought we were past this and I was confident we were past this, but we’re struggling with it right now and we’ve got to fix it.”

Some of Winston’s struggles can be attributed to the loss of Doug Martin in Week 2, as his competitive nature has led to him trying to do too much to make up for the run game’s disappearance.


But most of it falls on his shoulders. He’s the one completing throws to the opposition.

And if you didn’t catch Winston’s press conference earlier in the week, he definitely emphasized his need to protect the football. 13 times in fact.

“Everything is a mindset on the football field. But it’s a choice – I’ve got a lot of decisions to make out there so my choice is I have to protect the football,” said Winston. “Like I always say, I get better every single day. This is not the end of the world, but we do know that we need to start protecting the football and that’s on me.”

“He decided last year to come out of it,” said Koetter. “He made a conscious choice to come out of it. He did a great job of that. We need it again.”