The NFL 2020 Schedule Is Coming But Will Anyone Attend Games?

The best laid plans.  

The 2020 National Football League schedule will be released and it can be said with no COVID-19 treatment or vaccine, the schedule is probably at best going to be a work in progress. The schedule basics were this. Each team plays 16 games, each team with the exception of Jacksonville and three others play eight regular season games at home. But that has changed as international matches were cancelled. Jacksonville was supposed to play two home games in London, England on October 25th against Indianapolis and on November 1st with Detroit as the opponent. Atlanta was to supposed host another London game playing Denver on September 27th and Miami was be the home team in a match against New England on October 4th. Arizona was designated to be the home team for a Mexico City game. Those five games are now scheduled in Jacksonville, Atlanta, Miami and Glendale, Arizona.

Will the schedule hold up and is the NFL ready to play games in empty stadiums? If the NFL did try to play regular season games starting in September will governors such as New York’s Andrew Cuomo California’s Gavin Newsom, Ohio’s Mike DeWine, Illinois’ J. B. Pritzker, Pennsylvania’s Tom Wolf and New Jersey’s Phil Murphy bar large gatherings of people in a confined space to watch games? That impacts 11 teams. The NFL has hurdles to climb in terms of health for its personnel starting with classroom study and having groups of players and coaches together in a small space. Then there will be the need to constantly test all NFL related employees. That brings up another issue, why should NFL personnel be able to get access to being tested while most Americans are not able to be tested for virus? The schedule is coming out subject to change.