Building A New Arena Is Like A Vampire Movie?

Arizona Coyotes ownership wants a new Phoenix arena arena.


You have to give Steve Patterson high marks for one thing. Being honest in describing how the arena game operates and how sports team owners view negotiations with politicians for those arenas. Patterson, a long-time sports executive, has been successful at the arena game as he was part of getting new arenas built in Houston and Portland. Patterson is now part of the NHL’s Arizona franchise’s management team and is in charge of finding a new building for the franchise. Patterson knows the ins and outs of the sports facility business and had an interesting way of describing the process. Equating the talks to watching a vampire movie.

“I think any professional franchise needs an arena that suits the needs of the fan base and can provide a best-in-class experience. I recognize there’s a lot of hard work to do, but I’m optimistic we’ll have a second generation of Coyotes fans growing up here in the desert. Arena deals take time, talks and negotiations. They’re kind of like vampire movies. You go to the coffin a dozen times and you think they’re dead, but they keep rising back up. Every single deal I’ve been involved with was thought to be dead a dozen times and then it rose back up.” Patterson is right about that. In Seattle voters said no to a baseball park and it was built. The same held true in Pittsburgh for a football and baseball facility along with Charlotte for an arena. Just because voters say no, no very seldom means no in the stadium or arena game. In Phoenix, there seems to be some movement to replace two arenas with one. Two arenas that are 25 years old or less. The problem? The buildings are too old. Or too out of the way from the population base. The places maybe good for vampire movies once they are replaced.



NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman will more than likely be part of the negotiations in Phoenix for a new arena.