Monday, December 9, 2019
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Florida News: Miami-Dade County

American Airlines Is Leaving The Gate In Miami    

Names come and go. For Miami-Dade County and Micky Arison, the Miami Heat...

La Liga Still Wants A Football Match In The United States

Show us money.     Apparently the ownership of Spain’s La Liga Barcelona club has not given up on playing a regular season game in Miami or...

Miami-Dade County Might Take Heat’s Arena Naming Rights

It appears Miami Heat owner Micky Arison is not going to get as much money out of arena revenues from the Miami arena that he wanted.  Miami-Dade County is about ready to take over the naming rights to the arena and cap the amount of money the Heat franchise can get from slapping a name on the building to $2 million annually.

Spain’s La Liga Miami Game Is Causing Soccer Problems

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross wants more events in his National Football League stadium. Ross’s 2014 agreement with Miami Dade County had Ross put up money to rebuild the stadium in exchange for subsidies for big events.

David Beckham Is Now On The Campaign Stump To Get A...

David Beckham is in campaign mode. Beckham and his business partners now have to sell their soccer stadium proposal to Miami voters who will decide in November if they really really want a posh soccer stadium in town to house Beckham’s team.

Jeter’s Marlins Money Woes Caused By MLB’s Rush For Cash

Derek Jeter is Bruce Sherman's frontman not money man.   The baseball media has turned on Derek Jeter. The so-called face of baseball in the 21st century,...
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