Monday, December 9, 2019
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Florida News: Thursday Night Football

The NFL Is Flush With Money Despite What Critics Say

The gates are swinging open for National Football League training camps as teams prepare for the 2018 season. The league is in great financial shape. The Green Bay Packers, a public company, released financial figures which showed that the league distributed $8.1 billion to teams in 2017.

Falling Ratings? Not An NFL Or TV Network Problem

Networks still want the NFL   Remember all of the talk that National Football League television ratings were dropping and that it meant something, just what...

The Ponderous NFL Regular Season Ends On Sunday

About those TV ratings maybe it is worth another look.   The National Football League’s regular season ends this weekend and it has been a ponderous...

Could ESPN Lose The NFL In 2022?

It's possible no NFL For ESPN   Could Disney/ESPN skip the next round of bidding when National Football League over-the-air and cable/satellite TV rights become available...

NFL And Amazon Look Into The Video Delivery Future

NFL owners are looking ahead to the day when television will not be the primary video delivery system.       The National Football League is looking into...
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