Fantasy Football The Running Backs Are The Key

By – Ryan Neiman
Sports Talk Florida Fantasy Sports Insider

The fantasy football running back landscape took a hit this week when Dallas Cowboys running decided to sit out from all training camp activities until there is a resolution in his contract extension.

There are many that fear Elliot will take the Le’Veon Bell route this season. Last year, Bell was in a similar contract dispute with the Pittsburgh Steelers that resulted in him sitting out the season.

For those who drafted Bell last year as their number one draft pick in fantasy football, it created a huge hole on their roster & they had an uphill battle to climb to replace his expected production.

The similar risk now lies with those who are considering drafting Elliot in the early rounds of their fantasy football draft.  Without a doubt, Elliot is the best runner in the NFL, but the troubling question that looms is if and when Elliot decides to return from his holdout.

 If Elliot hypothetically did sit out for the whole season, it is going to be difficult to find a better number one overall pick in fantasy football.

The reigning rushing title champion from last season, has been the focal point of the Dallas Cowboys offense for the last several years. With a great offensive line, Elliot has been able to pummel defenses week in and week out to prove he is a force to be reckoned with.

The question that looms for those who are preparing for their upcoming fantasy football draft is can the production by Elliot be replaced.

In 2018, Elliot lead all running backs with 304 carries, 1434 rushing yards, & 95.7 yards per game, but he only produced six rushing touchdowns.  However, Elliot was equally valuable in PPR leagues where he hauled in 77 receptions for 567 receiving yards. 

Over his career, Zeke averages 2099 yards from scrimmage and 13 touchdowns per 16 games. 

Without a doubt, Elliot is hands down the top running backs in the NFL.  However with recent news that the deal broke apart with the Cowboys, this situation is getting gloomier by the day.

Of course, Zeke could easily finish as the best running back in fantasy football season if he plays the entire year, but that is a big if.

We are still several weeks away until the first week in the NFL, but the idea of even considering Elliot as the number one pick in fantasy football drafts is starting to become too risky to consider.

It is heartbreaking we might have another Le’Veon Bell situation in the NFL with the prospect one of the NFL’s biggest stars missing out on the entire season.

However, the running back position is deeper than ever before stacked with talent from top to bottom.

Thus, with running backs such as Todd Gurley, David Johnson, Le’Veon Bell,Alvin Kamara, Saquon Barkley, & Christian McCaffrey suitable options during fantasy football drafts, it will make the possible absence of Elliot this season bearable.