A Longhorns and Sooners near an SEC deal could mean USF and UCF gain as AAC would move to add the 8 schools left in the Big 12

According to Sports Illustrated with Texas and Oklahoma leave the Big 12 both the University of South Florida and the University of Central Florida can benefit from the two major programs were leaving one of the Power 5 conferences.

Many college football experts feel that Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby and AAC commish Mike Aresco would likely get together in Dallas—where both men could bring the two conferences together for a strong 16 team league. It could mean the eight teams left in the Big 12 Oklahoma State, Baylor, Texas Tech, Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State, West Virginia, and TCU. The AAC USF, UCF, Houston, SMU, Cincinnati, Tulane, Temple, and Memphis with East Carolina, Temple and Navy wondering if they can make it a 19 team league.

Some reports think the Big 12 might try to poach BYU, Boise State, Colorado State, SMU, Houston, UCF, USF, Cincinnati, and Memphis going to the new conference. Also, Air Force and Navy both also considered but only football deals could make that a problem.

The AAC reportedly have ESPN and CBS ready to talk about a new and improved TV deal if the Big 12 teams would join the American. There is no doubt the AAC is in a stronger position to make things better for all involved if a mashup pf the Big 12 and AAC choose not partner.