College Basketball Season Starts With A Cloud Hanging Overhead

Roy Williams: I see nothing! I know nothing!



The 2017-2018 college basketball season starts later this week and there are many people connected to the industry who are trying to put on a happy face as they talk about how great their product is. Yet the product is under investigation as the FBI wants to know just how corrupt industry practices really are and if there is money exchanging hands that lead players to certain schools. The investigation has led to 10 arrests and a change in the command at the University of Louisville sports department where the athletic director and coach Rick Pitino have been dismissed. There is also the University of North Carolina issue where so-called student-athletes were taking sham classes that allowed them to get high marks and remain scholastically eligible to play sports. The University of North Carolina program makes money for the school, the NCAA and for the Atlantic Coast Conference. The governing body of college sports, the National Collegiate Athletic Association, which enforces a set of bizarre rules to protect their assets, the money making players, didn’t find anything wrong with the University of North Carolina practice. The NCAA, which is run by college and university presidents and chancellors, said yes, the classes were shams but there was nothing wrong with student-athletes attending the classes because those classes were also offered to civilians, the non-student athletes. Then the NCAA claimed it had no power to punish the school, it was not in its jurisdiction. The NCAA thinks the University of North Carolina should punish the University of North Carolina. Also, no one in the athletic department of any importance like the coach Roy Williams knew what was going on.


It is quite astonishing that whenever a school has some major problems, the coach who seemingly knows everything about everything suddenly pleads ignorance. The games must go on and the coaches will be lauded as super guys, because in the end money talks.




Rick Pitino is not coaching ccollege basketball this winter.