Biden Has Some Sports Issues On His Plate

Sports matters.  

There will be at least four sports issues facing President-elect Joe Biden after he assumes the highest office in the United States on January 20th, 2021. The most immediate is the National Collegiate Athletic Association asking for federal help in figuring out how student-athletes should be paid. Another one that might get some attention in 2021 is whether state regulation of the sports betting industry should be superseded by the federal government. The third issue is on the backburner in 2021. But Salt Lake City business and political leaders will be approaching the White House asking for financial, security and infrastructure support for a 2030 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics bid.

California lawmakers said yes to allowing student-athletes to sell their faces to marketing partners and other states have followed suit. College sports officials want federal legislation that could regulate how much money a student-athlete could make. Some states will allow student-athletes to make money from their images in the near future. California’s law kicks in at the start of the 2023 football season which is generally in August. Meanwhile at least 25 states and the District of Columbia will offer some sort of sports betting in 2021. There is a patchwork of betting rules throughout the country and American sports operators would prefer one central group, like the federal government to oversee legalized sports betting. The individual states and the District of Columbia contend there is no need for federal oversight. Meanwhile there are people in Utah that want the 2030 Winter Olympics. They need to get federal help and they need to have everything in place by 2022 to make a bid. China has the 2022 Winter Olympics and there is some sentiment in the US that Americans should stay home because of human rights abuses in China. Decisions have to be made.

AP Photo/Ashley Landis)