College Football Bosses  Want The Game Played Despite COVID-19

The money is more important than health.

There seems to be many college and university presidents and chancellors who in their formative days must have seen a good number of Mad Magazine covers. Why is that? The people in charge of big-time college and university sports programs have adopted Alfred E. Neuman’s thinking. What Me, Worry? The latest group of college and university presidents and chancellors who value the almighty dollar as opposed to the health of their “student-athletes” are those running schools in the Pac 12 and the Mountain West Conferences. The poohbahs want college football to resume and have decreed the COVID-19 pandemic is not all that bad and with proper protocols why not let the kids have a little fun and play some football despite COVID-19 being around. It is just another risk factor when playing football such as concussions and the possibility of eventually not functioning knees, shoulders and other body parts. Just the price of playing football at a high level.

There may or may not be customers in the stands spending money to support school athletic programs but that is fine as long as television and marketing partners’ money flows in. The schools are not paying the players so that is not an expense to worry about although paying out big bucks to coaches is a concern so the TV and marketing partners’ money is needed. The Big Ten, the Pac 12 and the Mountain West Conferences’ 2020 football seasons were put on the shelf because of COVID-19 concerns but the college presidents and chancellors folded to pressure and restored the football programs. This despite the fact that college and universities are COVID-19 hotspots because the school presidents and chancellors have not shown any ability to stop campus parties which have become super spreader events.  College football is back, COVID-19? What Me, Worry?

Miami’s Cam’Ron Harris (23) displays touchdown rings after scoring a first-quarter touchdown against UAB during an NCAA college football game in Miami Gardens, Fla., Thursday, Sept. 10, 2020. (Al Diaz/Miami Herald via AP)