COVID-19 Is Becoming A Serious College Football Problem

Games are being postponed. 

This was supposed to be a big Saturday of college football. Marquee games especially in the Southeastern Conference, but the SEC colleges and universities have been hit hard by COVID-19 and the country’s top team, the University of Alabama is on the sidelines. Alabama will not be playing Louisiana State University.  The fifth top school in the country, Texas A and M will not be playing Tennessee because of COVID-19. CBS television is going to have to find other programming as the network’s four scheduled SEC games have been canceled.  Auburn cannot play Mississippi State and Missouri will not be playing Georgia. Three conference games will be seen on either ESPN or the SEC network. There are other conferences that have postponed games because of the COVID-19 outbreak. College football is being played because the NCAA member schools want television money. The schools cannot sell out stadiums right now because of the COVID-19 pandemic but there are marketing partners who are willing to spend money on college football. The players and people connected to the sports programs are getting special testing status so that everyone can get tested quickly.

COVID-19 is just another football risk like the now seldom discussed problem of concussions or knee and assorted joint injuries and broken bones. It is just football. College football is a business, nothing more, nothing less although some people make it out to be a bunch of college kids having a good time playing a game. The big-time college football programs provide television programming to TV networks and that programming is important to those networks and marketing partners. The marketing partners or advertisers can reach an 18 through 54-year old male demographic to sell products. There may be a health crisis in all parts of the U. S. but the games must go on.