FSU Will Unveil New “Jimbo Approved” Logo

Despite all the complaints on social media and loads of hate mail, Florida State plans to officially launch “Ignition…Tradition.” Along with the new logo, they will be unveiling new uniforms, which are expected to get a better public review than the logo. This official unveiling comes the day before the Seminoles spring game.

Just last week, the new logo was leaked and Seminole fans went nuts. Well, the school claims they did not expect such a negative reaction so they offered fans and alumni to send in emails expressing their concern. Despite this available portal to lash out and get angry with the school, FSU is still pushing forward with their new updates.

FSU Logos

Students and fans can attend the live unveiling on campus. The university plans to have a Nike spokesperson there to help make the announcement on Kleman Plaza, Friday evening.

Head coach Jimbo Fisher told ESPN that he likes the new logo.

“It’s still our Seminole Head. It’s a beautiful head,” he said. “It doesn’t change Florida State, what our values are, what our systems are. I don’t see the issue with it.”

There were rumors that the reason behind the new logo was because the Seminole Tribe of Florida asked the university to change it, but both the Tribe and Florida State told ESPN.com that it was a university decision. Florida State released a statement last week saying that the alterations started almost two years ago and the Tribe, student-athletes, coaches, boosters and administration were all in on the process.

Is it time for fans to leave the past in the past and embrace the new era in Tallahassee? Quarterback Jameis Winston is in support of this new change, so maybe we should be, too.

And so it begins, Seminoles.

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