When Should Mario Edwards Jr. Be Drafted?

When you ask people involved in the Florida State football media scene, many have an opinion about former defensive end Mario Edwards Jr.

I had the chance to catch up with Jason Staples of NoleDigest.com and he shared with me his opinion on the defensive lineman and what his draft potential really is.

“There’s a difference between when he should be drafted, and when he will be drafted. And there’s a little bit of a difference, too, if we’re talking about potential. What is his ceiling? Versus, what can you really expect out of him? And that’s really what makes him a hard player to evaluate, because with the way he looked at pro day, at 272-273 pounds, which is where he should’ve been playing all along, he was playing at 310 at the beginning of 2014. No wonder he’s sluggish. He’s over 30-40 pounds overweight.”

Staples goes to say that when you look at clips of Edwards from last season, at such a heavy weight, he looks like a 3rd or 4th rounder.

The question for NFL teams is what “player” you’re going to get out of Edwards, if you draft him. Will you get the player who impressed at Pro Day who lost some weight, or are you going to get the sluggish player from the beginning of the 2014 season?

Watch the full interview with Jason Staples, below.

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