Big 12 Commissioner Wants All Student-Athletes To Sit Out A Year If They Transfer

Typical NCAA thinking.

If you went to a sports gambling casino and were able to place a bet on people involved with decision making in college sports getting it wrong, you would either be rich or the casino would be out of business. The Lords of the NCAA have conferences and the latest tone deafness comes from the commissioner of the Big 12 because the commissioner’s job description includes keeping the money train running and to make sure the stars of the show, the athletes, know who is in charge. The Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby wants to make sure that every athlete who gets a scholarship and wants to play will be punished if that athlete decides the school he or she is attending is not good and wants to transfer to another school by forcing the athlete to be on the sidelines for one year. The athlete would be benched. Coaches routinely break contracts and are allowed to coach a different school the next year with no penalty. But the Lords of the NCAA won’t stand for that in the players’ class. The players should be happy to get a scholarship and shut up.

There are different rules for various student athletes. Football players, men’s and women’s basketball players, baseball players and men’s ice hockey players transferring schools have to sit out one year unless they ask the NCAA for a waiver for immediate eligibility. So called student-athletes in all other sports who go to another school are allowed immediate eligibility but can transfer only once. “There’s a foundational mistake in all this that we ought to seek to fix,” said Bowlsby. The Big 12 Commissioner added if he was a “benevolent dictator” he would enact a rule that would make all transfers sit out one year. Bowlsby thinks transfer requests would drop significantly with that rule. Bowlsby doesn’t seem to care if someone is miserable at a school and needs to leave. College sports comes first.

Big XII commissioner Bob Bowlsby