Selection Sunday Gone Because Of The Coronavirus And So Is Hundreds Of Millions of Dollars

The TV is missing a show.  

Today was supposed to be Selection Sunday where the learned people of college basketball announced who were the best basketball teams in the country, slotted them and sent them off to both near and far away places around the United States in a tournament that would have brought hundreds of millions of dollars into the industry with the players seeing none of it. This year the NCAA will see none of money as the coronavirus has stopped all sports in the United States. There will be other Selection Sundays. The fans will wait. Industry problems don’t matter to fans. College basketball corruption trials are taking place with people going to jail but no one seems to care. But people are upset March Madness won’t take place. Because of the coronavirus, there are money losers all around, except the players as they would not gotten paid for their efforts.

In 2020, the student-athletes were not getting a pay day for providing entertainment for people. The NCAA is fighting the notion players should get some financial compensation. The group is trying to figure out how to deal with California a state says it is okay for players to sell their images to marketing partners in 2023. The coaches are getting big paychecks and television is handing out big money to the NCAA. The athletes get nothing but a college scholarship. There is some sort of justification that the players are getting a mostly free education but most of performers are on a year to year contract. The term “student-athlete” is a cover to get out of paying and providing health care for the talent. Everyone makes money off the basketball tournament except the stars of the show, the players. The madness will return as soon as the all clear signal is sounded. March Madness will be back next year.