Why Aren’t The Players Getting Paid For Performing?

pay the players.



There is a big party taking place in San Antonio with shamateurism fully on display. You might have heard the NCAA Final Four is in town and four college teams, Villanova, Kansas, Michigan and Loyola-Chicago, are vying for the title. None of the players are getting paid for their services but check out some of the prices for seats for the three games. You can get a luxury suite for $85,570. Ticket prices are start at more than $300. The NCAA has a bank sponsoring a Fanfest, and charging some fans to attend the Fanfest. A candy bar company has attached its name for a price to present open practices. It is all about money except for the players who perform but don’t get paid for their labor. For some reason, it is accepted that players should be grateful they are able to play and generate billions of dollars for NCAA member schools a notion reinforced by fawning media who are excited to promote a game and not too interested in asking questions such as how much money San Antonio area residents are giving the NCAA for their basketball party.

The local Final Four host committee has trotted out figures that seem pie in the sky. St. Mary’s economic professor Steve Nivin claims the 93,225 visitors are coming to San Antonio and they will spend $565 a day and that will add up to $185 million in spending but other factors, which are unexplained, will bring that spending to $345 million. What Nivin apparently is not factoring in is that people using San Antonio hotel rooms are going to establishments that raise hotel rates but send the money to a home office. Service workers are still getting the same salary with a few who depend on tips seeing a small bump up. The NCAA championship is all about money but why aren’t the players seeing it?